Titan Nutrition HERO Mass Gainer

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Rome wasn’t built in a day and muscle mass doesn’t show up overnight. Adding muscle takes years of consistent training and eating. Without excess calories, you simply cannot grow. Not all weight gainers are created equally. You want to make sure the weight you gain is quality muscle.  That's why Titan’s Hero Mass Gainer is meticulously formatted with high-quality ingredients and none of the BS to make gains just a little easier. 

It takes calories, and lots of them, to gain serious weight. Each serving of Titan Hero is packed with 30 grams of quality Titan Nutrition Whey which features low-temperature processed whey protein concentrates, cross-flow microfiltration whey protein isolates, and milk protein isolates. Our number one selling protein blend is the perfect combination of fast and slow-absorbing proteins for prolonged amino acid delivery and nitrogen retention.  

Next we added natural tapioca maltodextrin and our Farm2Carb™ formula made from sweet potatoes and wild yams for wholesome complex carbohydrates. We then included healthy fats from MCT oils to complete the macronutrient balance. 

Simply eating more calories is not the same as digesting them. To maximize nutrient assimilation and absorption, HERO has been enhanced with digestive enzymes. In an effort to make this the most complete mass gainer on the market, vitamins and minerals were included for micronutrient balance. 

HERO™ has made empty calorie weight gainers a thing of the past. This is a full on meal your body will treat like a muscle building feast!