Hollow Labs Berserker Serum Liquid Pump

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Unleash the fury of the battlefield with "Berserker," the untamed beast of nonstim pump preworkouts, forged for those who seek to raid villages and dominate their workouts with savage power and unyielding strength.

With the primal force of a raging berserker, this preworkout concoction taps into the depths of your inner warrior spirit, propelling you into battle with unmatched ferocity. No longer will you merely train; you will rampage through your workouts, leaving nothing but destruction in your wake.

Embrace the chaos. Embrace the fury. Embrace the unrelenting power of Berserker as you charge headlong into the fray, ready to seize glory and claim your rightful place among the legends of battle. This is not just a preworkout; it's a declaration of war against mediocrity. So arm yourself, unleash the beast within, and let the world tremble at your might.