Ghost Pump Sour Strips

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More Pumps. More Life. The G.O.A.T. pump product just got even better: GHOST® PUMP delivers increased doses of key ingredients along with new, patented breakthroughs. It’s ideal for a legendary non-stim pre-workout experience—or stack it with GHOST LEGEND® for maximized muscle pumps*.

Fuel EPIC Pumps With Vegan-Fermented L-Citrulline*L-citrulline is one of the best ingredients available to support muscle pumps and nitric oxide production—and GHOST® PUMP now includes 1000 more milligrams of vegan-friendly L-citrulline*.

N.O. Is The Answer. Rarely used at this massive 3g dose per serving, patented NO3-T® Arginine Nitrate supports nitric oxide production from a different angle than the rest of the GHOST® PUMP formula for a comprehensive, all-out experience*.

Stay Awesome With Antioxidants. Free radicals can be created by intense exercise—and they may damage otherwise healthy cells. If you’re tearing up the gym, you need to make sure you’re getting enough antioxidants like vitamin C and glutathione. GHOST® PUMP V2 updates the original formula with extra support from patented Setria® L-Glutathione and PureWay-C™. Both support immune health and help defend against free radicals—and vitamin C is essential for healthy blood vessels, an essential part of feeling legendary pumps*.

  • Contains 40 servings
  • Use as a caffeine-free pre-workout or pump supplement*
  • Vegan friendly
  • Sugar free, gluten free