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Ever feel like you could be getting more out of your workouts? Have you hit a plateau and wondered if you lost your edge? Do you want to experience your body’s true potential? If you said yes to any of those questions, PUMP-OCALYPSE is for you. 

PUMP-OCALYPSE not only improves your body’s power output, but also improves circulation to your blood vessels so your other supplements (like pre-workout and BCAAs) absorb better and do what they were meant to do.* In other words, PUMP-OCALYPSE unlocks your body AND your stack’s potential to apocalyptic proportions. 

DISCLAIMER: After the consumption of PUMP-OCALYPSE, Bucked Up is not responsible if you strap yourself to a monster truck, spray paint your teeth with chrome, shout “WITNESS MEEEE”, and charge into battle for the glory of Valhalla.



HydroPrime, a patented supplement, induces hyper-hydration in the blood and tissues, resulting in epic pumps.*

Peak O2® Blend

Peak O2 is a scientifically crafted blend of mushroom strains proven to enhance performance and power output.* Acting as potent adaptogens, these mushrooms aid athletes in adapting to both physical and mental stress.* With elevated levels of a "master" antioxidant, it's like having cheat codes to take on oxidative damage, promoting faster recovery and extended training capacity.*


L-Citrulline, a nitric oxide booster, is specifically formulated to optimize blood flow, leading to enhanced pumps during your workout.*

L-Arginine HCI

A potent vasodilator that significantly enhances your pump by relaxing blood vessels, ensuring a surge of oxygenated blood and nutrients precisely when and where you need them most—during your workout!*

Agmatine Sulfate

Backed by extensive scientific studies, Agmatine, a natural derivative of the amino acid Arginine, enhances healthy blood circulation and provides powerful pumps.* By helping to regulate enzymes responsible for nitric oxide production, it ensures optimal nutrient delivery to your muscles, supporting maximum gains in muscle growth and recovery.*

Betaine Anhydrous

A potent supplement known for its power-boosting effects, cellular hydration optimization, and the ability to increase SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine), which has demonstrated efficacy in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety.*