Apollon Desperado Pre Workout

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We all have our cost-effective go-to preworkouts in life -- those things that are reliable, consistent, and effective.

This doesn’t refer just to cars.

You have various cost-effective go-to pre workouts throughout your lifestyle -- It’s your computer setup that helps you knock out work, the coffee mug you continue to refill as the day wears on, the lifting straps you always have packed and at the ready for the gym.

Just the Facts

  • Reliable Energy
  • Elite Performance
  • Hyper Focus
  • Legendary Pumps

It stands to reason that you’d have a pre workout that you can rely on for a great workout, every workout. Now, don’t confuse cost-effective go-to pre workouts with the cracked-out stim bombs you chug after a night of 4 hours of sleep and a raging hangover (these pre workouts also have their place, but hopefully they’re used sparingly).

No, a cost effective go-to pre workout is the one that day in, day out, you mix up, drink, and BAM! You’re ready to seize the day.

Desperado is the cost-effective pre workout Apollon style.

True to Apollon form, we’ve packed out the performance and focus but keep the energy “moderate” (at least by our standards, which is to say it’s “high” for 90% of other brands).

With Desperado, you get it ALL -- energy, performance, pumps, and focus -- while being a cost-effective solution to fuel your daily training!