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Project AD AMINOTAUR ESSENTIAL™ BCAA Bitter Sweet 528 gm - 30 Servings
Project AD AminoTaur Essential has been taken back into the lab, restructured, and built back up into a revolutionary powerhouse once again. This is one of Project AD's flagship formulas at AD, and they've got a hell of a lot of competition for their best ever formula. Have they created the most effective intra-workout amino supplement on the market with this bad boy? We'd be willing to bet on it, that's for sure. There simply isn't a formula that has all the toppings that AminoTaur Essential provides, and for that reason we believe it'll give you the most effective workouts, no stone unturned, of any intra-workout product on the market. You have their word.*
  • Enhances intra-workout strength and endurance*
  • Increases recovery rates between sets*
  • Promotes protein synthesis, staves off catabolism*


"Packed with a storming 11.5grams of amino acids per serving, AminoTaur Essential is not just the most powerful, but also the most intelligent intra-workout amino product ever formulated.

Starting with BCAAs: an insane 5grams of Leucine per serving compliments L-Isoleucine and L-Valine in a 5:1:1 ratio. Why have we done this? Simple. It's proven to have a more profound effect on muscle protein synthesis, which comes with the enhanced benefits of increased recovery, hypertrophy, etc.

But you won't find many of the competitors doing the same. Why? Because Leucine is damn expensive to include in this quantity.

That's not a deterrent to us though. What matters is that you get the BEST ingredients at the optimal dosages, and that's why we haven't compromised on leucine content in AminoTaur Essential.

Rounding out the amino acid complex is an additional 3.5grams of Essential Amino Acids to further strengthen recovery efforts and compliment the existing BCAAs. There's no (amino) stone left unturned in this formula, that's for damn sure."

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